Parking Extra Care

Scratch Resistant

Sheffield-style bike parking with a rubber top to prevent scratches or damage to a bicycle

Bicycle stands with a simple design and bicycle-friendly materials. The top tube is coated with a durable rubber-like material that will protect bicycles from becoming damaged.

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SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 800x750mm Weight: 8kg to 10kg Colour: Several RAL colors Material: Steel, 50x3mm PVC 75ShoreA Protection: Metalization/Zinc/Hot dip Galvanization Painting: Electrostactic Powder coating Product code: BCW.E0033 Shipping info: 760x810mm, 8kg Product code: BCW.E0038 Shipping info: 1060x810mm, 10kg
INSTALLATION Surface installation (ref:BCW.E0033) In-ground installation (ref:BCW.E0038)

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