Bicycle Parking Stand – Basic

‘Sheffield’ style bicycle parking and locking station. Simple and secure.

The classic ‘sheffield’ style bike stand is perfect for those seeking great value, low maintenance and minimalist bike parking. The shape allows the bike frame & wheel to be securely locked onto the bike stand.



SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 800x750mm Weight: 8kg to 10kg Colour: Several RAL colors Material: Steel, 50x3mm PVC 75ShoreA Protection: Metalization/Zinc/Hot dip Galvanization Painting: Electrostactic Powder coating Product code: BCW.E0001 Shipping info: 1060x810mm, 10kg Product code: BCW.E0002 Shipping info: 760x810mm, 8kg
INSTALLATION In-ground installation (ref:BCW.E0001) Surface installation (ref:BCW.E0002)

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