Urban Fix Pro

Self-Service Repair Station for Bicycles

With 10 tools and an air pump, the Urban Fix Pro was designed so that any bike can be easily maintained or repaired. Easy to use in a public or private environment.

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SPECIFICATIONS General Material Specification 2mm steel structure Ø22mm Tube supporting PVC75 Shore supporting coating Stainless steel cables with 04mm PVC coated for tool holding Stainless Steel inner protections Options and Finishings Anti-corrosion treatment (galvanization is standard option) Electrostatic painting anti-UV Full Stainless Steel version (optional) Graphic customization for branding or advertising purposes (optional) Floor bike parking (optional) Washing system for bikes (optional) 10 tools and universal air pump included Philips screwdriver and wrench Adjustable spanner wrench Torx T25 Key Pedal switch 15mm Tire Dismount Allen key set Multi-valve Air Pump
INSTALLATION Minimum Spacing Distances to walls: The back of URBAN Fix pro must be at least 700mm away from the wall. The sides must guarantee a minimum of 1500mm free to the nearest obstacle. Distances to routes: For installations parallel to the roads, a minimum distance of 1500mm is recommended. In perpendicular installations, a minimum distance of 2000mm must be ensured. under no circumstances should URBANfix intercept sidewalks, cycle paths or roads. INSTALLATION in Two simple steps NATURAL LANDS AND UNSTABLE GROUNDS Basis of fixation Foundation STABLE AND SOLID GROUNDS Existing surface Anchorage FIXING THE URBANfix TO THE SOIL (4x) Flange nut

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